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Amanda is born for the San Carlos Apache of the White Water Clan on her father’s side. Her journey of reconnection to culture and community would be the catalyst for her first feature documentary, She Cried That Day, which investigates the crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Relatives through the eyes of the Indigenous Women and Allies on the frontlines in New Mexico. Before making her directorial debut, Amanda worked as a non-fiction TV Producer for 16 years, where she created compelling programming for networks like: Travel Channel, National Geographic WILD, Investigation Discovery, and CuriosityStream. She intends to continue her work in journalism bringing fresh perspectives and new voices to mainstream media.

In 2018, the Urban Indian Health Institute found that of the 5,712 cases of Missing and Murdered Indigenous women, only 116 of these cases were logged by the Department of Justice database. After the release of their damning report, the crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women or MMIW was thrust into the spotlight. She Cried That Day is the story of a sister’s love and a family’s refusal to allow their sister to remain invisible in the eyes of the justice system.

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We are currently in the post-production phase for the feature documentary "She Cried That Day" and are seeking funding to finalize our film.

If you are interested in backing the initiatives that amplify the voices of indigenous women working to combat violence against their native sisters, we kindly seek your support today.

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